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Finally - A School to Study UFO's

After decades of UFO sightings, unexplained explosions, and now, this past summer, enormous crop circles appearing over vast sections of land, a school in the central Russian City of Togliatti is opening for students who are interested in the paranormal.

Actually, Russian Ufologists will be offering a wide-range of subjects to serious students of the unknown. Students will receive lectures on the various types of anomalies. They will also learn the proper behavior in case they encounter a UFO. They will be give guidelines for watching UFO's, and what kind of equipment they should carry. When they are done with the different theories, the students will go out to practice their skills. The scientists aren't interested in going anywhere with amateurs who just want the experience, or who want to prove something to themselves. The students will make their field-trips in late April.

The Chairwoman for the Togliatti Ufology Commission thinks the location for the school is perfect because Togliatti has been such a popular place for UFO's to be sighted.

The school has thousands of pictures, as well as movies of UFO's, especially the triangular-shaped crafts that are sighted almost nightly over Belgium .

It is high time there was a gathering of experts, with the latest technology to tell the world what is going on in the skies above them. There are thousands of credible sightings every month of strange objects, with unknown motives, who race with commercial aircraft, abduct people, and mutilate farm animals. Perhaps the UFO school can finally tell the Russian people what happened over Siberia in 1908. When appearing on the horizon was a silver disc that seemed to make a navigational move away from Moscow , and out over unpopulated Siberia . Two miles above the earth it exploded, becoming the most powerful unexplained explosion in history. It flattened 2500 square miles of trees and melted sand into glass. Witnesses would later say that it had the same effects on the ground that the A-bomb had on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki . However, there were no nuclear weapons in 1908.

Let's wish the new UFO school well.