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Larry Warren: An Airman's UFO Experience

Nineteen-year-old Airman Larry Warren would never forget his encounter with the mysterious light on an airfield near Rendlesham Forest. Stationed at the RAF/USAF airbase at Wood-bridge in Suffolk, England. Warren was part of a team dispatched during the night of Dec. 27,1980, to investigate activity observed earlier that evening in the forest.

When the team reached a large clearing in the trees, they were stunned to discover a brilliant light emanating from a circle of mist in the center of the field. It was so bright it illuminated the entire field, including a giant oak tree nearby.

A red ball of light approached from across the field, Warren observed. His first thought was that it was an A-10 coming in for a landing, but as it neared the watching team, it stopped and hovered over the circle of mist.  Clearly, it was a UFO.  Then, explicably, it shattered in a shower of colored lights, exploding without sound and without heat.

Merging with the mist, the colored lights miraculously re-materialized as a solid structure, about 30 feet across at the base and 20 feet high, with banks of blue lights along the base.  The object glowed with a shimmering iridescence so bright, it was nearly impossible to look at.

Airman Warren would later report witnessing a meeting between the airbase commander and three creatures from the UFO, an encounter during which photographs were taken and subsequently sent to a U.S. airbase in West Germany.

The Rendlesham encounter, however, would remain shrouded in secrecy.  The base commander never mentioned the incident (at least not publicly), and the photographs were never heard of again.