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The Piney Woods Texas UFO Encounter

This UFO was evil. Two women and a child would not only suffer from the trauma of seeing a UFO, but would also suffer physically. It was December 29, 1980, near the town of Huffman , Texas . Betty Cash, Vicki and Colby Landrum were racing through the woods in a car. Along the way, a diamond-shaped object appeared above them just a little ahead. None of them had ever seen anything like this before. This UFO was immense, and during short intervals the UFO would shoot down streams of reddish-orange flames.

Betty, for some strange reason, felt drawn to the UFO. As she watched the UFO, the sky suddenly filled with helicopters. They seemed to rush in from all directions, like they were trying to surround the UFO, Betty said. She was out of the car now, and rushed to get back in. The door handle was so hot she burned herself.

Once they were home, all three UFO witnesses became very sick within a few hours. Betty's eyes were swollen shut. Her head and neck were burned, and she became nauseous. Once at the hospital, she was treated as a burn victim. Her hair fell out, and her vision was gone. All three victims were treated for radiation poisoning and were later diagnosed with skin cancer.

The blacktop road where the UFO was sighted was badly damaged. The three victims launched a law suit against the U.S. Government for medical expenses. However, the government maintained denial of any complicity in the event.