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A Sighting in Rendlesham

Rendlesham Forest in Suffolk was the scene of one of Britain 's notable UFO incidents, ranking among the most extraordinary military sightings in UFO history. The wood is adjacent to what was, in 1980, the joint RAF/USAF airbase at Woodbridge , possibly the busiest airfield in the country at that time.

In the early morning hours of Dec. 27, 1980, two security patrolmen on routine rounds spotted unusual bright lights in the forest. Assuming an incoming aircraft had overshot the base runway and been forced down in the trees, they hurried to investigate. What they found was like nothing they'd ever encountered: a triangular metal craft that apparently had made its approach in total silence. Two nights later, when the object reappeared, a second investigative team led by Lt. Col. Charles Halt, deputy base commander, went into the wood. What Halt and his men observed was baffling: an object with a moving light-first red, then yellow, finally exploding into a number of glowing white fragments, and disappearing.

"It pulsated.," Halt reported, "and around the edges it appeared to have molten metal dripping off it."


To Halt's astonishment, additional star-like objects-glowing red, blue, green-appeared without warning, and shot off at all angles.

"Here I am," Halt added, "a senior official who routinely denies this sort of thing.and I'm involved in the middle of something I can't explain."

Halt stated that during the UFO investigation, much of the equipment functioned normally, but the radios worked only intermittently, and the floodlights not at all. The subsequent RAF/USAF report, which came to be known as The Halt Package, included gaps in the documentation where Halt's equipment malfunctioned, so the complete, authenticated story of the Rendlesham UFO encounter will never be known.