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A UFO in a Small Texas Town

Due to many UFO sightings and many UFO landings in the area there was great excitement in the small town of Josserand , Texas .

One April evening a UFO made a visit. Mr. Frank Nichols, a highly respected and well-to-do farmer owned a spread about two miles from the little town. It was nearly midnight when he heard a strange sound that sounded to him like machinery running. He jumped out of bed and went to the window for a look. In the middle of his cornfield lights were streaming from a UFO. The ship had very odd proportions. He had read the accounts of strange craft in the skies from the local papers. He was sure this was one of them. He left his house to investigate the UFO in the cornfield. Walking toward it, he was accosted by two men who were carrying buckets.

They asked for water, how could he say no, especially since they might be heavenly creatures? They then asked him if he would like to visit their ship. How could he refuse? Nichols looked at the equipment aboard, and said that it was so advanced he couldn't possibly know what it did, or even what it was. He was told that five of the ships had already been built in a small town in Iowa . There were six or eight crew members, and one of them told him the problem of aerial navigation had been solved, and would soon be given to the public. When the UFO left, Mr. Nichols gave an account to the local paper of his encounter. He was also willing to show anyone the spot where the UFO landed. The date was April 21, 1897.