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The UFO Sighting of Astronaut Gordon Cooper

The year was 1957 when astronaut Gordon Cooper saw the UFO. He was working with a group of professional photographers who were filming the entire installation of Edwards Air Force Base in California .

Suddenly a UFO appeared. The photographers filmed it as it passed overhead. The UFO stopped, hovered for a few moments, then three legs began to protrude from the bottom like landing gear. Slowly the UFO made its ascent, and landed on the bottom of a dry riverbed. Cooper and his crew were able to get within a few yards of the UFO before it took off.  It was silver colored, and about 30 feet across, Cooper followed Air Force procedure, and notified Washington of the sighting of the UFO.

Cooper then said, "All hell broke loose". A general learned of the photographs of the UFO that had been taken, and ordered Cooper to send them to Washington . Cooper did as he was told, but not before he looked at the pictures of the UFO. Since they were taken by professionals, they came out as high quality pictures. When Washington began project Blue Book to collate UFO material, Cooper asked to see the photographs again, they were never found.

Years later Cooper said every day we collect unexplainable materials, and see UFO's in outer space. Washington still won't admit that there are UFO's, and aliens, because they are afraid of scaring people. People who might think that some horrible UFO invasion is coming.