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Former U.S. President Confronted by UFO

It was a pleasant October, autumn evening, in Leary, Georgia. The sun had just gone down, and former U.S. president Jimmy Carter, five time nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize, decided to take a walk. How could he have known he was about to be confronted by a UFO.

After a time he looked up to see a huge, UFO, brightly glowing in the sky. He noticed that it continually changed colors, and changed shapes. It just stood still as though observing. There was no noise whatsoever; this made the sighting especially eerie. The brightness of the UFO began to attract others. They gathered around the former president in awe. The brightly glowing UFO, by Carter's account hovered silently above them for ten to twelve minutes. What could the UFO possibly hope to obtain with such a prolonged stay?

Did they know that Carter was a former president and pick him out? Where were they from? Why UFO's are currently interested in planet Earth? It isn't just former president Carter that has seen UFO's, but thousands of people from nearly every country in the world have witnessed UFO's. Do they mean us harm? Why do our governments continue to tell us "UFO's aren't there?" Someone is interested in us and for a reason; we can only hope to find out. At the end of a movie, the original one, called: "The Thing", the one in which a monster comes to earth in a UFO, a voice tells us to " the skies" maybe we should.