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Falcon Lake: A UFO Report from Canada

Canada's most noteworthy and dramatic UFO report came out of Falcon Lake, Ontario, on May 20, 1967. Around noon on that day, an amateur geologist named Stephen Michalak was chipping rock samples when he was startled by the appearance of two red, cigar-shaped craft descending to the earth close to him.  While one merely hovered briefly, then shot upward into the cloud cover, the other settled to the ground. It slowed and made a sound what Michalak said sounded like an engine.  As it cooled down, its color changed from red to gold. Michalak, who managed quickly to sketch what he was looking at, estimated the UFO to be 12 feet high and about 35 feet across at the base.  His sketches included slots surrounding a dome-like projection at the top, and ventilation or exhaust grids along the sides.  He also observed purplish light glowing through the side grates and a powerful odour of sulphur coming from the ship.

Suddenly, a hatch opened at the side of the UFO, and Michalak was able to make out voices just inside the hatchway.  He tried calling out, in several different languages, to no avail, there was no response.  He approached the craft, and the hatch shut abruptly, as though the UFO discouraged any further attempts at communication. The geologist was wearing heavy, protective clothing, including gloves and goggles.  Still, he could detect warmth radiating off the structure's surface. When he reached out to touch it, his glove melted. Then, without warning, Michalak was blown off his feet by a blast of incredible heat from one of the UFO's side vents. 

As the craft shot upward, Michalak was left lying on his back, stunned, with his clothing on fire. Michalak's fantastic tale might have been dismissed as the product of an overactive imagination had he not been admitted to a hospital with severe radiation burns and many symptoms indicative of radiation poisoning.  His stomach even showed a pattern of 30 circular burns exactly matching the grid pattern of the UFO's side vents.   Specialists who examined him advised him that any additional exposure to the radioactive source would have proved fatal.