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The UFO Sightings at Norwood , Ohio  

Donald R. Burger was responsible for several searchlights near Norwood , Ohio . He watched as the spinning searchlights scanned the skies for anything and anyone that officials should know about, but certainly not UFO's. He kept meticulous, hour-by-hour logs of his heavenly sightings.

He began his UFO sightings in 1949, sightings, ten of them, that wouldn't stop until 1950. The first sightings happened in the summer when the Jitney Carnival was going full blast. Hundreds of carnival goers watched wide eyed, as a glowing UFO hovered silently above them, glowing from bright to dull. Three newspapers, The Cincinnati Post, The Cincinnati Enquirer and the Cincinnati Times carried stories with screaming headlines the next day.

Before it was over, these UFO's would be witnessed by hundreds of civilians, military officers, police officers, and the clergy. Photographs were taken of the UFO's by Norwood Police Sergeant Leo Davidson, and two reels of 25-ft motion picture film were kept by Reverend Gregory Miller.

The Burger logs stated that the UFO's would always appear after 11:00 PM, and leave at 6:30 AM. Once, Burger even moved his searchlights away from the UFO's to see if they contributed to the glow of the objects, they didn't. The UFO's remained glowing at the same level.

During the Norwood festival, Managing Editor Robert Linn, of the Cincinnati Post, and Reverend Gregory Miller were certain that Burger's lights had found UFO's and reported it to military intelligence at Wright Field, near Akron , Ohio .The military chose to overlook the sightings this was something Linn and Miller couldn't understand. The people of Norwood , Ohio are probably still wondering, too.