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In 1989 The Area Of Study For UFO's Was Belgium

There were waves of UFO's, witnessed by thirty different groups, including three police agencies, over Belgium in 1989. Panic was in the air, a huge, but triangular shaped UFO moved slowly across the nation. This UFO made not a sound.

The initial sighting would become a wave of sightings over the coming months. Twice, two F-16 fighter planes chased the UFO but the fighters were no match for the UFO. They never even got close, and came back with nothing.

On March 30, 1990 a call from a Belgian Police Captain was made to military headquarters. He reported a giant, triangular UFO passing overhead. At the same time radar installations were reporting the giant UFO. One of these stations belonged to NATO and they contacted all known radar stations about the UFO. All screens were already tracking the triangular object, but the UFO wouldn't give a transponder code.

Jets were sent up, and one jet had the UFO locked on to its radar screen. It appeared as a diamond-shaped object. However, once the jet had it on its screen, the UFO decided to leave. The jets were like tricycles trying to catch a race car. Before it left the jet's radar, the jet pilots watched as it made moves that were far beyond human technology. Once it went from 10,000 feet, to 500 feet in five seconds. This UFO was seen thousands of times over the coming months by thousands of people. What are these UFO's? More importantly, what do these UFO's want? Until we know that, we'll never know whether to shoot or shake hands.