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Former President Ronald Reagan's UFO Sighting

Ronald Reagan didn't know it, but he was about to see a UFO. It was 1974, and he was governor of California .  He was being flown in a small plane, a Cessna, to a party and just over Bakersfield he and his pilot, Bill Poynter, spotted a UFO. The UFO started out as a glowing white light several hundred yards from the plane, changed shape and became elongated, then  began departing.  It moved slowly at first; then in a second or so it gained incredible speed and disappeared.

The UFO incident seems to have stayed with Reagan. He constantly told people about it. Once at the Geneva convention in 1985 he told the Russian Ambassador that if ET's ever attacked us, both nation's would form a quick alliance.

Reagan even spoke about the UFO experience when addressing the United Nation's General Assembly in 1989, comparing ET's to nuclear weapons. "I occasionally think how quickly our differences world-wide would vanish if we were ever facing an alien threat from outside this world, and yet I ask;  ' Is not an alien force already among us?' "

Once, at the White House, Steven Spielberg was visiting President Reegan. Spielberg told the president of the  " E.T." story. Reagan remarked that there weren't six people in the room who knew how true the story really was.

Why would a president of the United States make such a remark? Of course presidents have more access to secrets that the average citizen does. Going all the way back to Biblical times, there have been thousands of credible accounts of UFO sightings.  Can all these UFO accounts have been fabrications?