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The UFO battle in Los Angeles

In the early morning hours of February 25, 1942, a huge UFO hovered over the city of Los Angeles . People became hysterical because the memory of Pearl Harbor was still fresh; they thought the UFO was a newly- developed weapon by the Japanese, who were using it to invade America .

Residents of Santa Monica

and Culver City were the first to see the UFO. Air raid sirens began to scream as air wardens grabbed their gear and headed for the streets and a total blackout was ordered. Army searchlights began to sweep across the darkened sky. Once they spotted the UFO, it was still hard for them to believe. The Army's 37 th coastal artillery cut loose. Many witnesses reported that the UFO took many direct hits, but it wasn't damaged at all. The barrage lasted for about 30 minutes, sending shell fragments over homes, businesses and people. Afterward six individuals were found dead from the shell fragments.

Many described the UFO as a surreal hanging magic lantern. Once the UFO hovered over MGM studio for a few moments, and some spectacular photographs were taken when it was under fire. There were a number of newspaper articles that reported this event.

The object silently made its way over Long Beach and, in an instant, just disappeared. The guns were silent now. One female air warden said the UFO was right over her house, and she described it as pale orange in color. She said it was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen.