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UFOs and God: Can You Believe in Just One?

While many question the existence of UFOs, many also question the existence of God. Some may think they are entirely related. Others may feel that if God created earth and the existence of man, why couldn't He have created another environment with other types of living creatures. Many simply look to the Bible for their answers and some have claimed to find it.

The fact is the Bible does reference UFOs to a certain degree. Ezekiel has an encounter with a bright object floating in the sky. In the Bible it is described as a sort of fire cloud, the metal center glowing and it has four creatures inside. Many claim the object seen by Ezekiel was seeing God and all he can create. Many others feel it is proof that there is life elsewhere and it may symbolize Satan or the end of the world.

Whether there is a God or not, however, we can not change the fact that many individuals have seen UFOs and other strange sightings all over the world. These people who claim to see them come from all different cultures. These same people can lay the claim there is a God and yet, they believe in different Gods. If God had the capacity to create such a beautiful and abundant earth, would He stop with earth? Or perhaps, he created other worlds first.

The unfortunate thing is no one has proof there is a God and there are no factual UFOs and life beyond earth. Until there is, people will continue to make their own assumptions and believe whatever they choose to. Some will continue to read the Bible and others will continue to watch the sky for a sign. But both, in there own way, are watching for a higher power than mankind.