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Where are the Martians?

Evidence exists that there was once liquid water on the surface of Mars, but where are the Martians? Riverbeds and polar icecaps gave the first indication of water on Mars. Studies of the rocks indicate a high ratio of bromine to chlorine. This is also indicative of the former presence of water. Water is necessary for life.

Scientists from NASA and Stanford University announced the presence of fossilized microscopic life in a Martian meteorite in 1997. The meteorite was millions of years old. So the question is not only is there life on Mars now, but if so, where are the Martians?

Some scientists believe that there is life on Mars. It is just hidden away, underground, in caves where there are pockets of water. Studies do not show direct proof of Martian life, but methane signatures and other signs of biological activity are similar to those discovered in caves here on Earth.

Researchers theorize that the Martian subsurface could harbor biological organisms that have developed certain strategies for surviving in such extreme environments. They speculate that fluctuating Methane signatures on Mars could be signs of an active underground biosphere.

The answer to the question of where are the Martians may just turn out to be underground, in caves, where they retreated when the climate turned hostile. The next question will be what do the Martians look like? Did they develop from the primitive organisms found in the Martian meteorite? Are they like us? Further missions are necessary to find these answers.