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Evidence and Reports Claim ETs on Earth

Many people have claimed to see UFOs hovering above the earth. There have been millions of reported sightings all of the world. Yet, most have been dismissed as coming from unreliable sources. Some individuals have even claimed to be taken aboard the UFO and it has driven them to a life filled skepticism and mistrust by others. However, can all this be explained if there are no Extra Terrestrials (ETs)?

I am more inclined to believe there are ETs, due to the evidence found. Area 51 was a secret area of the government and would continue to be a secret if not for investigative inquiries. The government, however, continues to state that they are false accusations and such. Many individuals have reported seeing ETs and many of the reports are very much identical in describing what was seen. I don't feel that there can be this much coincidence in the world.

While evidence is generally covered up quickly, it is rumored that during a government project several samples that were collected from a suspect alien landing sight could not be identified. Another rumor states that evidence was found at a sight that was a skeleton, but the head was egg-shaped and too large to be a humans. While these are rumors, it seems to me that are too many reports of ETs and too much that is put down as an untruth without properly being investigated.

As large as the galaxy is, it seems impossible to believe that humans are the only intelligent life form.