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Why I Think There Are ET's (3)

The universe is apparently infinite, though some think it's not, I believe that it is. It's hard to wrap your brain around the idea that it never ends, but it's even harder to imagine that it does. So, in an infinite universe there are no limit to the types of planets and environments out there. With an infinite number of planets and environments, it seem ludicrous to think we are alone.

There is a widely accepted theory that life on Earth began from organic material that was deposited here by an asteroid or meteor. The basic elements of life were there in the matter, all it needed was the appropriate environment to thrive. The right temperature, the right distance from the sun and the presence of water were all that were needed. In this vast universe, there are undoubtedly other planets with similar conditions to Earth.

We are only nine, maybe 10 planets in our one tiny solar system. We are only just now finding more out there. There are millions of other solar systems in the Milky Way galaxy and there are millions of galaxies in the universe. Seen through the Hubble telescope, galaxies seem to nearly as numerous as the stars themselves. I believe that this is just a matter of odds. There are most certainly other planets capable of supporting life. Planets with the right combination of temperature and water and gravity that will nuture and sustain life. It is only a matter of odds, and those same odds are what have kept us so far from encountering them ourselves.