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Are We Being Fooled?

There has been much in recent years of government plots and coverups, misinformation and misdirection designed to confuse the public into believing that there are no such things as UFOs or alien visitors, but are we being fooled? Would the government go to such lengths to hide this sort of information from the public?

There are those who would say, "Of course they would. The public would not respond well if they knew we had aliens watching us or visiting us." Ever since the day War of the Worlds aired their radio broadcast, when the voice of Orson Welles describing the fictitious alien invasion sent hundreds of Americans out into the streets, in fear for their lives that the aliens were truly invading, the perception that we, the public, "can't handle the truth" has been the norm.

In popular fiction in the movies and in novels and television, the idea that there would be a tremendous social upheaval if we found out the "truth" has been the accepted reasoning behind why the government would hide this sort of information from us. It is the same fall-back that most conspiracy theorists use as to why it would be secret.

Are we being fooled? The question may never be answered. The only option is to not allow ourselves to be fooled. This is not to say that we should doubt everything our government tells us, but that we should not take everything they tell us at face value. Question, doubt, believe.