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ET's from UFO Cure Cancer

A voice that would later turn out to be from an ET contacted Helene as she lay dying on her bed. She had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, of the hopeless kind, and the doctors estimated that she had but two months to live, if that. In her agony, UFO's and ET's couldn't have crossed her mind, even once. Helene knew, that her life was over, and that medicine had nothing more to offer.

The voice commanded that she leave her home, and come to a clearing that was several miles away. Helene, didn't understand why but felt compelled to go. Upon arrival, she had to shield her eyes from a brilliantly glowing white light, and a UFO. The UFO projected a cylinder of light from the center, locking the UFO to the ground. In this cylinder, two ET's were descending downward. Helene described them as, very small humanoids who wore tight-fitting suits.

Helene felt herself floating upward and toward the UFO. Once inside, she said there was a third ET who was holding several strange looking, terrifying instruments. They were to be used on her, and the 3rd ET began the procedure. The ET's managed to tell Helene that this was being done because, they may need her help in the future. Helene was then returned to her British Columbia , Canada , home.

This UFO, ET, incident reportedly happened in 1976. As of 1983 Helene was still alive. There has been no word on her since then.

If UFO's and ET's are real, as some claim they are, and are far advanced from our civilization, why would curing cancer be so unbelievable?