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Governments - Do They Know More Than Us?

What we refer to as ET's (extraterrestrials) are known (and have perhaps been known to) the United States government as EBENs (extraterrestrial biological entities).

While the existence of extraterrestrial life is for many people still a matter of speculation, two facts accepted by most of those attentive to UFO discussions are that ET's do indeed exist, and furthermore, ET's (quite probably from various species) have been visiting Earth for some time and that (at the very least) the United States government has confirmed such happenings and are keeping such information secret.  

Whoever it is in or affiliated with the government that has access to the hard evidence of ET's has yet to be discerned by those bold enough to try and discover. However, it is widely speculated that the cover up involves both the National Security Agency (NSA) and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the United States , and that the visitation of our planet by UFO's has been known to the US government since around 1941.

It is also well known that the infamous Roswell crash left one survivor who remained a guest of the US government until its death around 1952, and that both ET's of the crashed vessel were autopsied. What was learned from these experiments is not known to the public, nor is it known what technology was recovered from the crash, although it is clear that much of it was filtered in bits and pieces to the private sector and the military for further research and development.  

The implications of these covert contacts are not only intriguing, but go well beyond autopsy and technology. There is first of all the question of the right of the US government to withhold this information from its public. Furthermore, since the government is apparently withholding this information, it is probable the government is engaging in extra-legal (that is illegal) activities, such as treaties and inter-governmental agreements, without congressional consent, let alone consent of the people.