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I had a UFO experience (2)

The traffic light stopped me, but the UFO held me up. 

Driving east on Clinton Ave. in Albany , NY one spring morning in 1983, I braked for a red light. UFO's were the last thing on my mind, as I wondered how in the world I was going to make payroll that week. Glancing up at the eternal red light,  I noticed a dull-gray metallic object shaped like a fried egg and leaning a little to the left , that was threatening to become something, like a UFO. It looked like a UFO, like pictures I had seen, but was too dull. In an instant the left lean had been corrected, and the object was crystal clear--getting clearer by the nanosecond. Then it just remained motionless, and made no audible sound.

I had the car windows down. The UFO glistened against a crystal blue sky, midway between the horizon and the Hudson River . By now I had forgotten about the light. The only thing I could think of to do was toot my horn and point the finger of my right hand at the UFO. There were people on the corner; I wanted them to look up and verify the UFO that I was seeing, if only to maintain my own sanity. However, I was in a bad neighborhood and didn't want to make too much noise, or do too much pointing.

 When the UFO decided to leave, there was no up or down, or right or left. It just faded. Clouds of pixie dust? Maybe. The UFO was gone and replaced once again by clear blue sky. I had no idea then that UFO's were very active in the Hudson Valley during that time frame, until years later when the book "Night Siege" by Dr. J. A.  Hynek , et al., came out. 

 Once at my destination I phoned local military authorities who referred me to Plattsburg , NY , Air Force Base. The person on the other end of the line yawningly listened for a moment, then said, "Okay Sir," and hung up. But I wasn't finished telling him about my UFO sighting. But at least it gave me an idea; if I couldn't make payroll that week I could always tell my people I got held up by a UFO.