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Outer Space - Do we really know?

If you were to conduct a survey asking people if they believed in UFO's, the responses would most likely be varied. From those who are sure they exist and have actually seen them, to others who feel it's just a bunch of nonsense. However, past surveys show that over half of the U.S. population believes that UFO's are real.

Over the years, there have been numerous sightings around the world that cannot be explained. From isolated rural areas to big cities, UFO sightings have been documented around the globe. Often when UFO sightings are reported by the media, the persons reporting the sighting are perceived or portrayed in a negative manner. Some people believe that the burden of proof is upon the person making the claim. Many scientists refuse to investigate these sightings because they believe that the existence of UFO's is just not possible. They do not even want to consider the evidence or claims presented to them.

Whether or not you believe in UFO's, you are probably still familiar with the famous Roswell incident. During the summer of 1947, several reports of flying objects were reported in both the U.S. and Canada . In early July of 1947, wreckage scattered about a large area was discovered on a ranch located just outside of Roswell . The rancher reported the incident to the local authorities and the U.S. military soon become involved. Evidence was collected and taken to both the Roswell Army Air Field and the Wright Air Field located in Dayton , Ohio . A few days later a press announcement came out that the wreckage was that of a flying disc or UFO. A short time later, the first press release was denounced and the public was told that the object was instead a weather balloon. Since then the government has withheld a lot of information regarding the incident, leading many to believe that it was indeed some sort of UFO.

In order for UFO sightings to be properly investigated, the scientific community needs to become more involved and open minded to possible occurrences. Many UFO sightings have been reported over the decades, some even by credible witnesses such as military officials and pilots. Until the evidence for these claims is thoroughly investigated, we have no way of knowing if the reports are true.