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The ET who wanted a dog!

The dog was more interested in the UFO and the ET than he was his forthcoming dinner. Can you imagine a dog interested in anything more than food?

On a November evening in 1957, Everittstown, New Jersey resident John Trasco stepped from the house with a heaping bowl of dinner for his dog. Catching the dog's intense interest in something above the yard, he looked up. There was, he would later state, a brilliant egg-shaped UFO hovering in front of his barn. Trasco slowed, but moved steadily toward the dog.

Was it a toy doll? Directly between him and his dog stood a three-foot-tall ET with large glowing froglike eyes. Trasco did a freeze-frame. The ET seemed to be making strange noises, like it was trying to say something. Though muffled, and in broken English, Trasco said it sounded like the ET said, "We are peaceful people, we only want your dog." Trasco's fear now turned to anger, his dog? "Get the hell out of here!" Trasco screamed, pointing his finger at the ET.

Mrs Trasco could see the UFO from her kitchen window, but shrubbery prevented her from seeing the ET. She would later learn that the ET was dressed in a green suit with glowing buttons, a tam-o'-shanter cap of similar color, and oddest of all, tight fitting gloves that glowed with something at the tip of each finger. His face was putty-colored, with a peculiar sort of nose and chin.

Terrified after Trasco's yell, the ET raced to the UFO, which left in a big hurry.Once back in the house, Trasco was able to see a sort of green powder all over his hands, but the stuff washed off easily under water.

I wonder who got the dog's dinner, the ET or the dog?