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UFO's - Connect the dots!

Suffering from the road salesman's version of "cabin fever", I stepped from my Keene, NH, motel room into the bitter-cold, star-splattered night and saw a UFO. The round glowing object, effortlessly, soundlessly, moved in a Z-shaped pattern. It would touch a star on the far right side of the big night sky, stay but for a moment, them seemingly, without meeting any resistance, the UFO would flash across the sky and touch a star on the far left side of the sky. It zigzagged forward a little each time it made this manoeuvre.

I can't explain why the quietness of the UFO event was both calming and disturbing at the same time, but it was. Opening the door of the motel room I called for my wife to come and see this UFO. I remained in my awestruck state. It reminded me of a child's "connect-the-dots" puzzle, where connecting the numbers eventually creates a picture. The stars seemed to be the UFO's device for navigation. I wondered if the UFO's final picture was "home". I yelled for my wife to hurry.                                                              
By the time she too was watching the UFO, it was much farther forward, and changed the Z-shaped pattern by stopping in the middle of the Z, and moving forward in a straight-line. It seared forward until it disappeared into the night horizon. How can this be, I wondered? It must be millions, or at least thousands, of light-years between stars, and yet this UFO did it in less than a second. I asked my wife, what the 'bleep' was? She looked at the sky vacantly for a moment, then said "Come back in, it's cold". 

Someone once said that, no matter how deep one delves into the complex, ever a new depth arises. I guess she didn't feel like delving into the complex that night. UFO or not, I needed a drink, and I hoped the UFO got home, too.