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Who actually holds the proof?

According to a recent poll, about 50% of Americans believe that UFOs are real. For many this is a deeply held belief. Throughout history there have been reported sightings of objects in space or our atmosphere. Undoubtedly many can be explained as comets or meteors or atmospheric phenomenon, but a percentage of them cannot.

Many believe that the truth is that we may never know what our government knows. That, in their eyes, there is a necessity to keep the truth from us. That we will not be able to hold back the flood if the truth came out. For example, if the alien abduction phenomenon is true, then that means that extraterrestrial beings are coming to our planet, unimpeded and taking citizens with the intent to learn about us, often through rather terrifying means. If we learned this, then we would also learn that our governments can do nothing to stop these beings from doing whatever they wish. How would the societies of the world react to such news? How would we repond to the notion that we are helpless?

If there is real proof out there, and many believe there is, from Roswell especially, we may never know it, because in the eyes of our leaders, it is imperative that we never find out that truth. Whether this is for our own good is debatable. What would we do if we knew? I suspect we would demand something be done, but what? If it is true, then it is also true that we are at their mercy.