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Why I Think There Are ETs

When I am asked whether or not I think there are ETs, otherwise referred to as extraterrestrials or aliens, my reply is always the same: I think that the universe is a vast place, one that is continuing to grow and it is egotistical of humans to believe that we are the only forms of intelligent life in the entire universe. My contentions are backed by UFO sightings that go back centuries; by reported experiences all over the world; and by the sheer fact that the universe has such an orderly design that it is impossible to believe otherwise.

First, even if some UFO sightings or ET sightings can be debunked, not all of them have been and many sightings still go unexplained until this day. Until I see that all sightings of ETs have been debunked it is only fair to keep an open mind and to readily believe that the possibility that ETs exist. Equally, it's only logical to conclude that with so many aspects of the universe remaining yet to be explored, there is no way that people can conclude with any amount of certainty that there aren't ETs. Essentially, the reason why I think there are ETs is that no one has definitively proven otherwise and the chance that they do exist lies in the fact that we live in a gigantic universe.

Many facts accepted as concrete today seemed foolish in the past. People once believed the world was flat and they once believed that the earth was the center of the universe-yet, through the course of time such facts were replaced when knew knowledge was gained. I think we are on the very edge of understanding the universe and with knew knowledge gained, we will discover interesting information in relation to the ET debate.