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Are UFO's a Myth?

People for many years have often wondered, "Are UFO's a myth?" Skeptics and critics abound on the plausibility of UFO's, calling them myths and urban legends, but there are also genuine believers on the other side of the oft-debated issue of the existence of UFO's. UFO's are "unidentified flying objects," or lights, that come in many shapes and sizes, but no one can really say for sure what they are. Many people have their theories on what UFO's are, but because they can't be analyzed and researched, these theories are really only educated guesses at best-which lead many to question, "Are UFO's a myth?"

However, people who ask, "Are UFO's a myth?" and question their existence need to consider all the UFO sightings that have been reported by witnesses for centuries. History states that UFO sightings have been documented for tens of thousands of years-they can actually date back to around 29,000 B.C. to cave paintings from Tanzania . A very famous painting done by an unknown artist called " Summer's Triumph" clearly has two UFO-shaped spheres in the sky. Ever since, artists from all over the world have had stories, anecdotes, journal entries, books, paintings, video tapings and pictures of UFO sightings. How can so many documented sightings spanning across the centuries equate a myth?

In addition, just because something can't be scientifically, logically or naturally explained, doesn't automatically make it a myth-and UFO's are no exception. So are UFO's a myth? While demystifying UFO's might still be a long way off, the fact remains that people are still reporting sightings of these unusual objects or lights. Instead of asking, "Are UFO's a myth?" people who are unsure should take the time to research and learn what they can about the reported UFO sightings to become better informed and develop an open mind.