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Flying Saucers or Not

Sightings of UFO's or unidentified flying objects have been recorded throughout the span of known history, but whether the objects are really flying saucers or not, remains a mystery. Some may have been comets or meteors. Other sightings remain unexplained.

The army of Alexander the great claimed to have seen two silver shields in the sky in 329 B.C. In Nuremberg, Germany, in 1561, there were reports of several objects shaped like cylinders and spheres in the night sky. They appeared to be engaged in battle. The years that followed brought similar sightings in countries all over the world.

One of the most controversial claims of- was it a flying saucer or not, involves an incident in Roswell, New Mexico on July 8, 1947. US Army Air Forces at Roswell Army Air Field announced the recovery of a "flying disc". Within hours the story was recanted, claiming it was only a weather balloon, but to this day witness still testify to the presence of an unidentified craft and even alien bodies. Unfortunately upon investigation all records of the incident appear to have been misplaced.

All types and classes of people report flying saucer sightings. Housewives, farmers, Military, policemen, college graduates and non-college graduates, rich and poor, in several different countries, they have all claimed to have seen something, and the reports are often similar. Many have even taken pictures to prove if the object was a flying saucer or not. Evidence remains allusive, but the proof is out there.