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I had a UFO experience (1)

This dates back to the time when we were freshmen. We were a group of four friends who were quite a riot in school. We had just finished our last test and were quite looking forward to our holidays. We decided to walk home instead of hitching a bus ride. There were two routes which led to my home. One was a straight road and the other was a forested area covered with thick long grass and lush green growth. For the sake of adventure, we took the second route even though we knew that we would reach home late. As my pals kept on chatting and commenting about their last fling and the last movie they saw, I could sense some eerie soft voices. I doubted if they were the sounds of the ruffling of grass or our footsteps.

Suddenly out of nowhere, a massive ball of green and gold orange sphere seemed to hover above us. The center of the sphere was dark gleaming red. The object seemed to get closer to us. All of us stood dead on our tracks. We were shell shocked. The lightning object which seemed like a small spaceship landed on the earth, the glow blinking continuously. We saw two creatures, resembling Casper -the friendly ghost, come out of the spaceship and come near us. We were about to scamper but then they looked too cute to be called 'ghosts'. Both were literally floating in the air and they seemed to speak to us about something. However what they uttered was totally incomprehensible. I guess we were as much alien to them as much as they were to us. We did not know what they wanted. Julian found his voice, "Give them water."

Sheryl extended her water bottle to them, her hands quivering. One of the two creatures took the water and seemed to sip it. We could not go near the spaceship because of two reasons-we were too awed by what was happening and secondly, the light was too strong that it almost hurt our eyes. We could sense that the creature was filling the spaceship with water. May be these creatures had to make an emergency landing on Earth because of lack of fuel. (Read water)

Quite out of instinct, I told others to give them more water. We offered more water from our bottles and the little water-carriers in our knapsacks. We just watched in daze and absolute amazement as the two creatures filled the spaceship with water. We could not really make out everything in absolute clarity. The spaceship shone too brightly and the two figures often looked blurred in the power of the light

The two creatures, hovering near the spaceship, began to communicate to us again. We could hardly make out a thing. We just smiled thinking in response to what we thought was a 'thank you' from them. The lights of the spaceship went blank for a second and then the lights flashed again, blinking and sparkling even more brightly. The two figures were no where to be seen. We assumed that they got inside the ship. Soon, we felt the ship moving away from our eyes. The light seemed to grow paler with every second as the spaceship moved further and further away from us. We looked up to see the light diminishing as it changed into a small dot and finally vanished from our view.

We were awe-struck and none of us slept properly that night and many nights later. Nobody believed us but our empty water bottles were a testimony to the truth. We were quite happy to know that we had helped our fellow galaxian (that's the term we used later for them) go back to their home. Grandpa always used to say, "Never deny water to anybody." He was so right. It has been ten years since that incident. I must also say that these creatures had miraculous powers because after that 'good deed' which we did for them, we have had an amazing amount of successes and triumphs in our lives. When we friends still meet, we still talk about that incident which changed our beliefs and lives forever.