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If They're Not UFO's - What Are They?

The January 5, 2000 sighting over Illinois is a perfect example of why many people don't believe, that the earth is experiencing visits from creatures of another world.

It all started with a bright star sighting by Melvern Noll, a truck driver from Highland, IL, a small town about 24 miles from St. Louis, MO. When he first saw the star he didn't think much of it. He left his truck for a few minutes, but on the way back took some time to observe the glowing object in the sky. He now noticed that the bright star was merely a part of another object, a triangular shaped craft that was about the size of a football field.  It was coming closer, but slowly.

As the craft passed, Noll noticed a strip of windows toward the rear, and the bottom was covered with a large number of red lights. He would later describe the thing as looking like "a two-story house."

Noll immediately drove to the Highland Police Station to report what he seen. A doubtful dispatcher listened, then contacted the Lebanon Police Dept. Officer Ed Barton took the radio call at about 4:15 A.M. Heading toward Route 4, Barton first noticed two round lights, almost touching, and then merging into one. When the policeman changed direction, he saw one light shaped like a cigar. Turning off the car engine, he could hear nothing. He estimated the object to be 40 feet wide, and 75 feet long.

Officer David Marten of the Shiloh Police Dept. had been listening to all the excitement on the police radio, radioed in that he could see something. Once Marten saw it, Barton couldn't. However, Marten radioed in that he saw three white lights, but shaped triangularly.  Another officer from another department noticed an object with a white light on each side that was making a low buzzing sound. One officer snapped a picture of it, but the film came out poorly and no determination could be made.

Nearby Edwards Air Force Base denied all. Everyone's sighting of whatever it was, was described differently.

If objects like these, witnessed by multiple police officers, aren't UFO's, then what are they?